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Lightroom - After the Click

My online course. "After the Click, Refining Your Vision in Adobe Lightroom" is newly updated and expanded. I wrote this course partly as a response to many other courses out there which for the most part are based more in procedure; focusing on process... sliders and check boxes, etc. Instead, the focus has to start with vision and intention; where does the image need to go in order to realize the photographer's artistic goals? Once that is clear in your mind, only then can you start to edit an image. Instead, we start off the course with a discussion of photographic vision and how the tools in Lightroom can be used to refine and shape this.

The most important elements of success for any image are set at the moment you click the shutter. All we can do later in post is to refine and strengthen what is already there. The visual weight relationships are a good example of something that can be successfully refined using the tools in Lightroom, so we spend time understanding visual weight and how we can influence this in post.

Written material (fully illustrated) covering 145+ pages and 3+ hours of video instruction. Plus, ask me anything (well, photographically at least) plus upload images for discussion.

More information at www.bpsop.com/after-the-click